Flutter: Zero to App

A hands-on, fast-paced guide to get you started with cross-platform mobile application development with Google’s Flutter framework

Important Features

  • A thorough introduction of Dart language which is the backbone of Flutter, including:
  • An extensive learning resource on Flutter’s most prominent subjects like:

Book Description

Google’s Flutter is a sophisticated framework for developing mobile, desktop and web applications. Flutter is equipped with the powers of Dart as the primary back-end language. For that, Flutter is extremely efficeint in native performances, and it is as fast as other native development tools.
Flutter makes the life of a developer easier through multiple hierarchies: First let’s you to code once and deploy to many platforms, then it will provides you with beautifully constructed widgets and tools to quickly build what you want.

In this book you will learn how to effectively leverage the mighty power of Flutter and Dart in order to create and build professionaly designed applications for both Android and iOS in matter of days. We will look at Flutter’s many wonderful features and components in order to harness the capacites of this framework.

In the first Part of the book, I will introduce Flutter: what it is, how to install it and so on.

In the second part, you will learn the basics of the Dart language, For example how to write a Dart code that uses the notion of Classes, Functions, and Control flow statements.

In the third part, you are finally exposed to the idea of a Flutter application, we will discuss some basic yet important widgets, the concept of states, working with buttons, inputs, selections dialogs, panels, views and much more. Then we move on to a more advanced set of topics like handling data in Flutter using Futures and Streams, Navigation and Routing in Flutter, defining assets, themes, fonts, using packages and plugins, and in the end, you will see how to deploy your app to the market.

Who this book is for

Flutter and ultimately this book is primarily intended to be worked by anyone who wishes to develop and design beautiful, native and cross-platform applications. So, I thank you for putting your trust in this book for learning Flutter and I hope the following pages would be of assistance to your future endeavors.

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