The Complete Manual Guide for Dummies: Connect Laravel 6 API to Flutter Mobile App in 10minutes using a Sample Project

This manual guide is detailed to guide you through this Laravel 6 API and Flutter on how to connect them using API Endpoint through Laravel Framework. However, It is written with a STEP by STEP approach which guarantees that you wouldn’t miss anything with this guide in hand.
Simple and easy guide for new or an old Laravel Developer trying to get a hang on this Laravel Framework API and Flutter , this book will guide on the way TO GO, it won’t only help improve your knowledge, it will also increase your productivity level in 10minutes.
In this guide you will learn

  • Setting up a Laravel 6 Environment
  • Setting up Database Environment
  • Laravel UI Composer Package
  • Setup your Flutter (Dart)
  • How to Installing Flutter on Mac and Windows
  • How to install Dart
  • How to install Xcode?
  • How to install Android SDK?
  • How to use Flutter Doctor?
  • Write your First Flutter App
  • Setup Flutter Mobile App
  • How to create Login and Registration Page on Flutter?
  • How to create a New DART FILE in LIB FOLDER?
  • How to config main.dart?
  • How to run the application Sample Project?
  • Sample Project: Setup Laravel API
  • How to Setup Laravel Default Login & Register Authentication?
  • How to migrate
  • How to configure Laravel API?

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