Learn Flutter and Dart: Complete App Development Projects

Learn all about creating apps with code in more detail than any YouTube tutorial. Learn Dart Language Basics and Widgets

What you’ll learn

  • Learn to install Flutter, Android Studio, and run your first Flutter apps
  • Practice using variables, lists, maps functions, loops, classes, objects and inheritance with Google’s programming language, Dart.
  • Learn how to use the Flutter app development framework
  • Build the UI for an app by using Flutter’s text, button, text and image widgets
  • Develop apps using the Flutter SDK
  • Learn to code with practical app projects!
  • Plan the creation of an app.
  • Build and style an app user interface.
  • Handle app user input and output​.
  • Access all source code for instant reference.
  • Build 2 complete projects.
  • And much more!


  • A working computer onto which you can install Flutter
  • Some small amount of Coding knowledge would be beneficial but overall not necessary

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