learn flutter web development frontend-backend

Learn to build websites with flutter web and build frontend with backend website

What you’ll learn

  • building website by useing flutter platform
  • Web App UI Design
  • Responsive flutter Web Design
  • Advance concept like Future, animation, API etc
  • Basic concepts like variables,functions etc
  • Flutter Web App Material Design
  • flutter Web Development Structure


  • android studio – available for FREE or VSCode – available for FREE
  • php editor
  • MAC / WINDOWS /Linux – all are fine
  • xampp server – available for FREE


you will learn a lot from this course to building websites from zero to build complete website with backend after complete this course you will be able to build website by useing important widget simple widget and complex widget frontend and backend with simple php and mysql database And how to make the responsev website with the screenWho this course is for:

  • all level

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