Master Flutter – Learn Dart & Flutter by Developing 20 Apps

Learn Google Flutter & Dart by Developing 20 Real Life & Enterprise Apps including UI, App Dashboard and API.

What you’ll learn

  • Developing Android & iOS apps using Dart & Flutter
  • Design Professional Looking Apps
  • Design and Develop Enterprise Apps
  • Develop eCommerce & Blog App, API & App Dashboard – using Flutter & Laravel & MySQL, Sqflite, Shared preferences and Stripe
  • Develop News App, API & App Dashboard – using Flutter & NodeJS/ExpressJS & MySQL and Realtime notification using Firebase Cloud Message
  • Develop API & App Dashboard using Laravel, Django, Nodejs & .NET Web API
  • Publish Apps at Play Store and App Store
  • Monetize Your App


  • No prior programming knowledge is required in Dart
  • Basic knowledge in HTML/CSS is needed as you will be designing the API dashboard using the SB Admin template
  • Willing to learn and work in multiple frameworks

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