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Welcome to my Flutter Apps from Scratch tutorial series where you will learn Flutter and create amazing apps using Dart. In this video, we learn how to build a basic Flutter game!

» Timestamps
00:00:40 Setup
00:03:57 Game Controller
00:07:26 Creating The Player
00:12:54 Importance of Rendering Order
00:13:38 Tap Functionality
00:14:56 Enemy Class
00:19:17 Spawning A Single Enemy
00:20:43 Enemy Health, Movement, and Attack
00:26:20 Health Bar
00:32:46 Multiple Enemies
00:34:47 Spawn Enemies Off Screen
00:39:47 Kill Enemies
00:40:51 Enemy Spawner
00:47:39 Scoring and Score Text
00:54:25 Shared Preferences (Save Highscore)
00:56:30 Game State
00:59:56 Highscore Text
01:02:14 Saving Highscore Bug Fix
01:02:47 Start Text

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