How did I learn Flutter so fast?

The best way to learn flutter:

1. Java Head First – this is to learn the basics of programming, focus on classes, methods, variables. Also Java is pretty much exactly the same as Dart which is the language used in Flutter so don’t worry, if you know Java you know Dart.
You can buy it here if you want:

2. Setup Flutter – for this I would suggest checking out this article that I feel goes through the basics. And as a sidenote first time I tried to set this up I was completely lost so don’t worry if you don’t understand, just push through.…

3. Create your first app – this is to get yourself fmiliar with just the absolute basics of getting an app up and running. This is another great article, but skip to section 2 (“setting up ios simulator”) :…

4. Build a simple todolist app – now it’s time to build your first real app. “Hello world” is the classic first program to build in a language get some familiarity with the syntax. Similarly I would say that todolist apps are the hello world of apps, used to create some familiarity with how to build an app. Here is an article showing you how to do just that:…

5. Parsing JSON (save stuff in your app)- This is quite a big step up from step 4, so if you are new to programming don’t be discouraged if this seems difficult. This is more for once you have made a few apps and want to get into saving stuff from your app to the device. JSON is widely used format for saving and transmitting data. If you understand this then you will be able to work with API’s and much more. Here is the best article that I have found explaining this for Flutter :…

That’s it, if you go through this list I believe you will become a competent Flutter developer. And maybe most importantly you will be able to create pretty much whatever app you could imagine! I’m quite happy with how this list turned out, so I really hope it can help you.

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