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Keeping your code clean and tested are the two most important development practices. In Flutter, this is even more true than with other frameworks. On one hand, it’s nice to hack a quick app together, on the other hand, larger projects start falling apart when you mix the business logic everywhere. Even state management patterns like BLoC are not sufficient in themselves to allow for easily extendable codebase.

This is where we can employ clean architecture and test driven development. As proposed by our friendly Uncle Bob, we should all strive to separate code into independent layers and depend on abstractions instead of concrete implementations.


In the first part, you will have learned the core concepts of clean architecture as it pertains to Flutter and also created a bunch of empty folders for the presentation, domain and data layers inside the Number Trivia App we’re building. In the second part, it’s time to start filling those empty folders with code, using TDD, of course.

Whenever you are building an app with a UI, you should design the UI and UX first. I’ve done this homework for you and you can see the Flutter app showcased on video.

The actual coding process will happen from the inner, most stable layers of the architecture outwards. This means we’ll first implement the domain layer starting with the Entity.


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