Dart & Flutter: The Complete Mobile Apps Development Course

A Complete Guide to the Dart & Flutter Framework for building beautiful native apps on iOS and Android

What you’ll learn

  • Build applications for iOS and Android with Dart and Flutter
  • Learn Dart basics: data types, variables, control flows (if statements, for loops), operations, and functions
  • Learn Dart object-oriented concepts:classes, functions, inheritance, interfaces, and data structures
  • Build apps with material design widgets – scaffold, flat buttons, cards, and ListView .builder
  • Fetch data from online APIs and parse JSON objects
  • Persist data with SQLite
  • Create a To-Do list and a chat application
  • Add Google maps, routes, and places to create comprehensive map applications
  • Detect images to discover the powerful machine learning APIs with the Firebase ML Kit
  • Manage state changes using the Scoped Model, Bloc and Redux architecture patterns
  • Build robust code with Unit, Widget, and Integration testing
  • Build apps and deploy them to Google Play Store and Apple App Store with a single codebase


  • No prior knowledge of Dart or Flutter is required.

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