Flutter CRUD with Authentication and Authorization【2020】

Fastest way to learn Flutter CRUD with Firebase auth and Firestore.

What you’ll learn

  • Flutter CRUD App with Authentication and Authorization
  • Firebase auth
  • Firestore
  • Firestore security rules


  • Some experience of Reactjs, Vuejs, Angularjs or similar javascript framework


This course is the fastest way to learn necessary and sufficient knowledge about Flutter.

What we will learn

– Flutter Basics with Material Component

– Authentication with Firebase Auth

– Firestore to store data

– State management by Provider

– Authorization by Firestore Security Rules

What we will make

We will make simple User and Post model CRUD application.

Tech Stack

  1. Flutter
  2. Firebase auth
  3. Provider (For state management)
  4. Firestore
  5. Firestore security rules
  6. VS code (Editor)

Target of this course

=> Programmer who have experience of “React or Vue or Angular” and wants to learn Flutter fundamentals in the shortest time.

Pros of this course

– You can learn Flutter, “Firebase Auth and Firestore” in the shortest time.

– The content of this course is mainly based on official documents. So the information is reliable and not tricky approach.

– You can check github repo.

– There is document of this video lecture.

Cons of this course

– Teacher is not a  native English speaker. You may feel uncomfortable about my pronunciation. Sorry.

– Not deep dive into Dart language. We will learn Dart code on the job training.Who this course is for:

  • Who wants to learn how to make Flutter CRUD app with Authentication and Authorization.
  • Who doesn’t want to spend 40 hours to finish course.
  • Who have experience of “Reactjs or Vuejs or Angularjs” but new to Flutter.

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